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Should you upgrade to macOS Ventura?

It is October 2022 and Apple just released their brand new operating system. While there will be a separate post about new features and functionality, the question now is should you upgrade to macOS Ventura right away or wait till later? tl;dr; Don’t unless you really need to. It’s better to wait for now. If you’re looking for security updates only, you can keep your current system and download just the security patches. More advice and safety tips below.

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How to show hidden files on Mac

Can’t find your .env or docker-compose files? Don’t see a .git directory? Most likely these items are hidden on your macOS. Read below to show hidden files and directories on your macOS.

Apple macOS just like any OS has certain libraries and directories hidden away from view, often for a good reason, since deleting, modifying, or moving them could seriously impair the Operating System’s performance. Nonetheless for most developers having access to hidden files is necessary. This is how to find a missing .env or a .docker-compose

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